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College Essay Camp

Mary Beth Coudal "leans in" with Sheryl Sandberg.

Mary Beth Coudal “leans in” with Sheryl Sandberg.

We help students write and revise their college essays.

We start with a brainstorm of ideas about topics. Then, we work on a first draft. You are telling your unique story – complete with description, imagery, and emotion.

In subsequent drafts (usually two to five) we winnow the essay’s focus and tighten up the writing. Unnecessary words are jettisoned to make room for big ideas. You begin to structure those ideas to make the essay’s purpose clear. For each draft, we provide gentle but direct feedback about structure, style and language.

In a small group setting (usually, two to five students) we learn from each other, laugh together and take the stress out of personal essay writing. The college application does not have to be a chore.

The college admissions team wants to meet you through your essay. Your reader wants to find out who you are – what motivates you and what your passion is. How are you different?

Do not leave your best words unwritten.

Come for the whole Saturday and get it done. Come for half day and get it half-done.

Sunday, October 18, $95/half day (2 to 3:45)

$180/full day (2 to 5:30)

Meet in a convenient Upper West Location.

Register here.

Registration Closed for our NEW Workshop


If you’re like most writers, you’ve got a story to tell. Whether you’ve done some amazing travel, come from an extraordinary family, have experienced insight into your everyday encounters, or just want to write about your life in these times, this intro to writing memoir is a good place to start.

This workshop is a place to ask questions and try out some writing and supportive listening. What is memory? How do you find compelling details from your experiences? We’ll tease out some answers and help you take the first step to writing the langauge of your life.

Taught by 2013 Hawthorne Fellow and 2013-2014 Atheneum Fellow Kelly Wallace and Boot Camp co-founder MaryBeth Coudal

CLOSED this Saturday, October 11, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

244 W 54th St #12, New York, NY 10019

Total Fee:
$59  Tuition for one-day class is refundable, if canceled within three days.
Stay tuned for our next workshop offering! 

Kelly Wallace leads a blogging workshop.

Kelly Wallace leads a blogging workshop.