About Mary Beth

Official Bio

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Mary Beth Coudal is an award-winning journalist, blogger, and copywriter. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times, Salon.com, and Self magazine. On Mary Beth’s WordPress blog, To Pursue Happiness, she asks the big questions in her pursuit of happiness. For fun, Coudal is a teacher, actress, and mixed media artist.

Client Praise

“At the Adirondack Writing Retreat last year, I was able to remove myself from my everyday routine and let the magic of a beautiful environment and great company trigger new ideas for my writing. Mary Beth creates an instant community, in settings that cannot help but inspire. I was able to take a new tack on a story that led to an eventual book deal with Dress Circle Publishing, and my first novel will be out next year. Get yourself to the Boot Camp 4 Writers!”

– Joanna Parson, author

“I’ve know Mary Beth Coudal for a few years now, as a friend and as a fellow writer. She is an amazing woman as well as a wonderful writer, and I’ve learned a lot from her writing in the class we take together. One of the hardest things to write about are our deepest emotions, and Mary Beth does that with ease. I think she can help any aspiring writer find it within themselves to do so as well.”

– Xavier Trevino, author

  “Mary Beth Coudal is a great friend, writer, teacher and stand-up comedian. Her class will inspire you, and open you up to new possibilities.”

– Dan Wakefield, author of “The Story of Your Life: Writing a Spiritual Autobiography”

  “Mary Beth Coudal is a talented teacher and coach. She has the gift of honing in on what needs work while remaining encouraging. Whatever writing level you’re on you’ll grow and improve in Mary Beth Coudal’s workshops.”

– Janet Zinn, LCSW

  “Mary Beth Coudal is an awesome writer and teacher. I’d take her class if I wasn’t teaching one at the same time.”

– Charles Salzberg, author of “Swann’s Last Song” and the soon-to-be-released “Swann Dives In.”